About Chi Beta Phi

Chi Beta Phi is a scientific honorary for undergraduates. Indeed, the object of this organization is to promote interest in science and to give recognition to scholarly attainment in science. Members participate together in events of scientific interest and wholesome fellowship. Prominent among several outstanding features of the organization is the fact that activities of the Honorary are not restricted to any one particular discipline of the scientific field but reflect endeavors in all areas of science. Therefore, the novice student of science is exposed at a crucial time in their college career to the many possibilities offered by several scientific areas of study, while the advanced student is afforded an opportunity to keep abreast of important advancements in science outside of their specialized field of interest.

Our History:

Motto: Scientia Omnia Vincit – Science Conquers All
Colors: Colonial Blue and Crimson
Flower: Cape Jasmine
Tree: Ginko biloba

Insignia: A technical description of the insignia of the organization is a follows: A shield with beveled edges; stamped on the face of the shield in the upper left corner (as faced) an electrode at discharge, symbolizing Physics; in the upper right corner a microscope, symbolizing Biology and Psychology; midway between these and in the point of the shield, a star, symbolizing Mathematics and Astronomy, with the surrounding nimbus representing the computer sciences; in the lower point of the shield crossed retorts, symbolizing Chemistry and Geology; across the center and face of the shield a band, bearing the Greek letters Chi Beta Phi.

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