There are 22 members of this Group (1 Leader, 21 Member).
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Boone, Mrs. Farlana Denise Mrs. Farlana Denise Boone Member
Brown, Joneshia Leshay Joneshia Leshay Brown Member
Carter, Candice Candice Carter Member
guest, guest guest guest Member
Harris, Katherine Amanda Katherine Amanda Harris Member
Hayes, Cortress Shawnti Cortress Shawnti Hayes Member
James, Jasmine Jasmine James Member
Lester, Theresa Theresa Lester Leader
Louden, Asya T Asya T Louden Member
Maxwell, Akia Akia Maxwell Member
McCall, Jamey W Jamey W McCall Member
Montgomery, Synquis Synquis Montgomery Member
Plant, Zantoya Lavette Zantoya Lavette Plant Member
Pridgen, Sharon Nicole Sharon Nicole Pridgen Member
Pugh, Talia Talia Pugh Member
Richardson, Riah Yahira Ty'Rekia Riah Yahira Ty'Rekia Richardson Member
Schonveld, Brittany Lynn Brittany Lynn Schonveld Member
Sullivan, Lara Ashley Lara Ashley Sullivan Member
Sunday, Nichole Marie Nichole Marie Sunday Member
Washington, Alaysia Brionne Alaysia Brionne Washington Member
Willoughby, Korin Korin Willoughby Member
Zahm, Charli Makayla Charli Makayla Zahm Member