The Division of Student Affairs is housed on the second floor of the TJ Harrelson Student Services Center. The following offices fall under the umbrella of Student Affairs:

  • Chaplain 
  • Columbia College Police Department
  • Counseling Services
  • Diversity Officer 
  • Esports 
  • Multicultural Affairs & Community Resources 
  • Residence Life
  • Spirituality & Community Service
  • Student Activities

Early Alert Statement

Columbia College seeks to support students’ academic, personal and professional goals by holding them accountable to the expectations that will allow them to succeed (i.e., class attendance, participation, completing of reading and assigned projects). In the event that a Columbia College student fails to meet the above mentioned expectations, a faculty and/or staff member may utilize our Early Alert System Via EAB Navigate to submit a report expressing the concerns they have regarding the observed behavior. Once an alert is submitted, the student will be contacted by The Office of Student Success, faculty advisor, coach, or course instructor to ensure students have knowledge of the appropriate resources, information, and support needed to aid in their success. If you receive such message, please respond promptly and respectfully.

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Our Community of Honor

In our Columbia College community of honor, you have a right to...
- An environment free from bullying and harassment and a responsibility to foster this environment.
- Freedom of speech and the responsibility to not slander or gossip about other students, faculty, and staff members in our community verbally or online through Facebook, Twitter, or other social media outlets.
- Embrace your identity (culture, sexual orientation, religious and political beliefs, etc.) and a responsibility to not pressure others about their personal identity.
- Report without fear of retaliation any behavior that goes against our Honor Code, the Student Code of Conduct or any behavior that makes you uncomfortable.

You have a responsibility to uphold our community of honor.

Each member of our community is expected to display honorable behavior. Please contact the Division of Student Affairs at (803) 786-3856 or complete this form if you are aware of anything that violates our community of honor.

Community of Honor Concern Form

As a community of honor, we desire to provide an inclusive environment centered on our honor code values of respect, integrity, responsibility, and compassion. If you have a concern that you believe is incongruent with those values, please report it.

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